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Smokey Cam Chats with Khaos

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All cam sessions are conducted via Zoom. If you are unable or do not wish to download the Zoom program, a browser based, web link can be provided.

Cam chat smoking sessions open to members only will be periodically announced on my blog and the Smokey Kisses Facebook page. These are separate from the monthly cigar socials and other events, which are completely free and open to non members.

These chats are a way for me to spend some more intimate time with my most devoted friends and fans, and for us to catch up on what's new, what we've been smoking, and whatever else comes up in conversation. Most special requests and all rules listed in the private session section apply to the member chats, so please read them carefully!

Private Sessions

Private sessions are available on an appointment-only basis.

A private smokey cam chat is a chance for you to have some one on one time with me as we converse and smoke a cigar or two and/or maybe some hookah or a pipe. Whether you are an avid cigar or smoking fetishist, or simply enjoy the sight and company of a beautiful woman smoking, I am certain we will have a lovely encounter!

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Special Requests & Activities

If you don't see your particular interests listed here or on my rules list, ask me about it. I may be interested and/or have forgotten to include it.

You are able to custom tailor our smokey cam chat session to a fair degree, including selecting the cigar(s), choosing the type of cut/punch, and lighting method, requesting particular clothing items or props, and, of course, making requests for various actions as I smoke. Sessions may certainly get ultra sexy, sultry, and risqué, but please do bear in mind that this is not a sex chat or show, and I will not be engaging in overtly sexual activities or displaying my genitals. Also, I smoke quality cigars, hookahs, the occasional pipe, and very rarely, cloves or bidis, which are the only type of cigarettes I will smoke. Sometimes I vape.
Requests to smoke regular cigarettes, marijuana, drugstore cigars (Swisher, White Owl, etc) will be declined.


These rules are non negotiable, and breaking them are cause for kicking you from the chat, as well potentially revoking membership, gallery access, and/or banning you from all future events.

No refunds of membership fees, tributes, donations, or deposits will be refunded in the event of losing access due to rule violations.

Be Respectful.

That means respecting my and others' limits, boundaries, experience or lack thereof, etc. Debate is cool, but do it civilly. Basically, don't be a jerk.

No Bigotry.

Intolerance, hate speech, shaming, or any other douchebaggery based on anyone's actual or perceived race, ethnicity, culture, religion/spirituality, personal beliefs (as long as they don't include anything on this list) orientation, gender identity or expression, abilities, lived experience, body, kinks, sexuality, etc. will get you booted and banned. Depending on the situation, you might get ONE warning, if I feel it is a matter that can be solved by educating you.

No Minors

No one under the age of 18 or of legal majority in your locale (whichever is higher) is to be on camera or where they can see or hear our session. There is also to be no discussion, imagery, or other content which promotes, encourages, or fetishises smoking, being exposed to second hand smoke, or any adult activities by minors.

No Pregnant or Addiction Smoking Fetish.

There will be no requests for or discussion, imagery, or other content which promotes, encourages, or fetishises smoking or being exposed to secondhand smoke during pregnancy, or causing, aiding, or abetting addiction to any harmful substance.

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Private sessions are available by appointment, and generally require at least one week advance scheduling, as my calendar fills up quickly.
It is recommended that you schedule as far in advance as you are able, in order to secure the day of your choice.

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Tribute for private cam sessions is $50.00 per hour (minimum 30 minutes). Payment for the first 30 minutes must clear in advance of the session.
All session time after the initial 30 minutes is prorated in 15 minute increments.

Sessions may be less than 30 minutes, if your time is limited, however, this will not affect the minimum tribute.

A non-refundable* deposit of $15.00 toward the tribute must be paid no more than two hours after scheduling a session. If the deposit is not received within that time period, the session will be cancelled and any future session will require a deposit before scheduling. If the session is cancelled by the client at least three hours before the scheduled session, the deposit may be applied to a future session.
Cancelling a session less than three hours in advance will result in forfeiture of your full deposit, except in cases of true emergency, in which case, it can be used toward a future session.

* Deposits WILL be refunded, or may be used toward a future session if you prefer, in the event that I cancel the session for personal reasons, unrelated to any breach of rules or protocol.

I accept payment via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and pre-loaded Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards. PayPal is the preferred payment method, and has the added benefit of including a dispute resolution process for your peace of mind, in case you are concerned that I may take your money and no-show. Charges and invoices processed through PayPal will appear as, "Individual Guidance Coaching Session". All payments, regardless of form, must clear at least 24 hours before the scheduled session.

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Screen Shots

All or part of your session may be recorded and have screen shots captured. For a nominal, additional fee, stills and video from your session will be provided to you as soon as they are processed and uploaded, and are available for your unlimited, personal use. Photos of only yourself may also be used by you for any commercial purposes you desire.

Photos/video containing any images of persons besides yourself require written permission from all parties before publishing or making available to the public in any form. This includes posting on profiles, blogs, tumblr, etc.

All photos and video may be used on my profiles or websites. Faces, distinctive marks, hair, and any other identifying features will be blocked, for your privacy, unless you give specific, written consent for the use of your likeness by filling out a model consent form, which will be provided to you as applicable.

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